Disability Access Office (DAO) - Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To create a fully accessible organization with a healthy, productive and inclusive workforce.

Our Mission

Through strategic partnerships, we strive every day to enhance awareness and knowledge by educating our workforce and promoting an inclusive, fully accessible and discrimination free organization in accordance with state and federal disability and family medical leave laws.

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Contact Us

Access to County Employment, Programs and Services

Disability Access Office

Main Number: (951) 955-5663

Fax: (951) 955-7954

Email: ADA@rivco.org

TTY: 711


Access to County Facilities

Economic Development/Facilities Management

Delia Flores, Sr. Development Specialist

Phone: (951) 955-8178

Email: dflores@rivcoeda.org

TTY: 711 


Access to County Rights-of-Way, Roads and Highways

Transportation Department

Cathy Wampler, Sr. Civil Engineer

Phone: (951) 955-6803

Email: cwampler@rctlma.org

TTY: 711