Disability Access Office (DAO) - Our Mission

Our mission is to forge strategic partnerships with County departments and Human Resources staff in the areas of disability and leave management to help ensure compliance with the law, promote an organizational culture free of disability discrimination, and utilize our expertise to help stakeholders meet operational goals. We accomplish this by embracing the following core objectives:

  • Deliver exemplary service to our stakeholders by providing expert consultation that is timely, responsive, current, and consistent with the law, while reducing risk and minimizing liability. 

  • Continuously evaluate and improve our internal processes through the use of technology and development of informational resources to ensure optimal service delivery to our stakeholders. 

  • Promote awareness of complex disability and family medical leave laws/regulations by developing and providing relevant training, mentoring, and education to County staff.    

  • Embrace the HR Department’s Core Values and Code of Conduct, striving to live out these values in everything we do.  


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Access to County Employment, Programs and Services

Disability Access Office

Main Number: (951) 955-5663

Fax: (951) 955-7954

Email: ADA@rivco.org

TTY: 711


Access to County Facilities

Economic Development/Facilities Management

Delia Flores, Sr. Development Specialist

Phone: (951) 955-8178

Email: dflores@rivcoeda.org

TTY: 711 


Access to County Rights-of-Way, Roads and Highways

Transportation Department

Cathy Wampler, Sr. Civil Engineer

Phone: (951) 955-6803

Email: cwampler@rctlma.org

TTY: 711